Surfboard Wall Rack: Store and Display Your Gear in Style

Greetings fellow surfers! Are you tired of leaving your beloved surfboards lying around and cluttering up your space? Are you looking for a stylish way to store and display your gear? Look no further than the surfboard wall rack! Not only will it keep your boards organized and out of harm’s way, but it’ll also add some extra flair to your surf shack. But where do you start? Fear not my friends, as we’ll take you through everything you need to know about

Surfboard Wall Rack: Store and Display Your Gear in Style

A surfboard wall rack is the perfect solution for keeping your surfboard organized and out of harm’s way. Not only does it help you store your boards, but it also adds extra flair to your surf shack. With different types of wall racks available, there is a style to suit every surfer’s needs. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about choosing, installing and using a surfboard wall rack.


Surfers spend a considerable amount of money purchasing surfboards and other essential gear. While using these items, they can sometimes get damaged or scratched. Moreover, keeping them safe and secure can be challenging due to limited space. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to such issues: surfboard wall racks. Not only do they help you organize and store surfing equipment, but they also add an aesthetic appeal to your home, office, or Surf Shack. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of surfboard wall racks, their installation, and how to use them.

Types of Surfboard Wall Racks

When buying a wall rack, you’ll want to consider the number of surfboards you have and the space you want to use. Here are some of the most common types:

The Vertical Rack

The vertical rack is the most common type of surfboard wall rack. This rack is installed vertically, and the surfboards are leaned against the wall. These racks can usually handle two to three surfboards at a time, depending on their sizes. Because of its popularity, many variations of this rack have come to the market, including stand-alone vertical racks, slatwall mounted vertical racks, and vertical racks designed to secure to a pegboard. No matter which option you choose, it’s crucial to ensure that the rack can carry the weight of your surfboards properly.

The Horizontal Rack

The horizontal rack is another popular type of surfboard wall rack. This rack is installed horizontally, and the surfboards are placed into padded slots. These racks can hold multiple surfboards and allow you to adjust how far apart each board is from the next. There are many variations of this rack as well, including wall-mounted, freestanding, and ceiling-mounted options.

The Angled Rack

The angled rack also referred to as the tilted rack, is useful for saving space and making it easy to access the boards. They’re designed with a slanted angle that allows surfboards to be placed in a staggered fashion, maximizing your storage capacity. They’re also perfect for storing used surfboards for sale because the angled configuration makes it easy for surfers to see each board’s unique design.


When it comes to installing your surfboard wall rack, you have two main options: DIY or hire a professional. While it’s possible to install a surfboard wall rack yourself, hiring a professional to do it will give you peace of mind knowing that it’s correctly installed, and your boards are secure.

If you decide to Install the rack yourself, you’ll need to gather the required tools and follow the instructions. Most wall racks come with detailed, easy-to-follow installation guides. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, measure carefully, and ensure you have the necessary support and mounting hardware to install the rack securely to your wall without causing damage.

Using a Surfboard Wall Rack

Now that your surfboard wall rack is installed, it’s time to start using it! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your wall rack:

Organize Your Boards

Keep your surfboards organized on the rack by labeling them. Write the board’s name or size on masking tape or sticky labels and attach them to the surfboard’s bottom. This will make it easier for you to find the right board for the conditions and help you avoid scratching or damaging your boards.

Rotate Your Boards

Rotating your boards regularly helps redistribute their weight and pressure, preventing damage to any one particular spot. If you have several surfboards, consider rotating them every couple of weeks to extend their lifespan.

Clean Your Boards Before Storage

Before storing your surfboards on the wall rack, ensure they’re clean and free of any sand or debris. This will prevent any dirt from scratching the board or the rack’s material. If the surfboard is wet, dry it first before storing to prevent mold or mildew from growing.


In conclusion, a surfboard wall rack is a useful investment for any surfer looking to store and display their boards in style. Its advantages go beyond providing an organized and tidy space, but also adds to the decor of your interior space. When choosing a wall rack, consider the number of surfboards you have, the available space, and the type of rack you’d like. Then, follow the manufacturer’s installation guide and your wall rack will be securely in place. Remember, Rotating and cleaning your boards regularly will help maintain their appearance and prolong their lifespan. Ready to take the next step? Look for a surfboard wall rack today.

Additional Tips When Choosing a Surfboard Wall Rack

Choosing the right surfboard wall rack is essential for protecting your surfboards and keeping them safe. Here are some additional tips to consider when choosing a surfboard wall rack:

Consider the Material of the Wall Rack

The material of the wall rack is crucial when it comes to ensuring that your surfboard is safe and scratch-free. Look for a wall rack made of durable and sturdy material like steel or strong polycarbonate plastic. These materials are strong enough to hold heavy surfboards and other surfing gear while protecting them from damage.

Types of Wall Fixings

The type of wall fixing you choose is also critical. The wall fixing you choose will depend on the type of wall you intend to mount the rack on. A wooden or drywall screw is suitable for a wooden wall or drywall, while an anchor or bolt is suitable for a concrete wall. Ensure that the fixing is secure for the weight of the rack and the boards you intend to store.

Consider Your Future Needs

When choosing a surfboard wall rack, think about your future needs. You might want to get a rack that can hold additional surfboards or other types of surfing gear as you acquire more equipment. You can also consider purchasing modular racks that can be added on to as your storage needs grow over time.

Decorate Your Board Rack Space

Once you have installed your surfboard wall rack, consider decorating the space around it to create an even more appealing display. You can add some surf-themed decor items nearby such as pictures, beach signs, or even your surfing trophies. It can also be fun to hang your wetsuits or other surfing gear close by for easy accessibility.

In Conclusion

Storing your surfboard on a wall rack is safe and secure, but it’s not restricted to only surfboards. You can use wall racks to store any kind of board, from skateboards to snowboards. With so many different types of wall racks available, there’s a style to suit every need, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money either. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to store and display your surfboards, a surfboard wall rack will be the perfect solution. Follow our guidelines to choose the right wall rack, install it securely and make sure your boards are organized, rotated, and cleaned, you’ll enjoy surfing for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about surfboard wall racks:

What is a surfboard wall rack?

A surfboard wall rack is a storage solution designed to hold and protect surfboards when they’re not in use. They’re specially designed to keep surfboards organized and tidy, and they come in different styles and sizes to accommodate different types of surfboards and space requirements.

Do wall racks come with mounting hardware?

Yes, most surfboard wall racks come with mounting hardware included. Make sure to check the package description or manufacturer’s website to confirm this information. If the mounting hardware isn’t included, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

How many surfboards can a wall rack hold?

The number of surfboards a wall rack can hold depends on the size and style of the rack. Some hold a single board, while others can hold several boards at once. Make sure to consider the number of boards you currently have or plan to acquire before choosing a wall rack.

Are there any weight restrictions for surfboard wall racks?

Yes, most wall racks come with weight restrictions. Make sure to check these restrictions carefully to avoid damaging your surfboard or the wall. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer or professional installation service.

Can I use a surfboard wall rack to store more than just surfboards?

Yes, you can use a surfboard wall rack to store other boards such as snowboards, skateboards, or paddleboards. However, make sure you choose a rack that can accommodate the size and shape of your board.

Can I install a surfboard wall rack in a rental property?

Yes, you can install a surfboard wall rack in a rental property. However, make sure to check your rental agreement to ensure that there are no provisions against mounting items on the wall.

What is the best material for a surfboard wall rack?

The best material for a surfboard wall rack is sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of your surfboard. Look for wall racks made of steel or strong polycarbonate plastic, which are durable and withstand the weight of surfboards and other gear.

How much do surfboard wall racks cost?

The cost of surfboard wall racks varies based on the size, style, and material of the rack. You can expect to pay between $20 and $150 for a quality rack.

Can I use a surfboard wall rack to display used surfboards for sale?

Yes, you can use a surfboard wall rack to display used surfboards for sale. Angled racks can make it easy for prospective buyers to see the unique designs of each board.

Can I paint my surfboard wall rack to match my decor?

Yes, you can paint your surfboard wall rack to match your decor, ensuring it blends in or stands out depending on your preference. Make sure to choose a paint that works well with the material and make sure it is dry before using the rack.

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